Retribution Movie Starring Daniel Stisen (Action)

Retribution Poster.


Retribution Behind the Scenes 17 Jul 16
Images shot at Sword Tail Studios with DS Productions Ltd on the Retribution Film Short written by Daniel Stisen.
Photographer: Mike O'Neill ABIPP
Please credit photographer.


Here is some pictures from Retribution Movie, where I star as the leading character "The Hobo"

Teaser will be released soon.

IMDB Link:





Self Tape Videos as Fiction Character Lt.Howard John.

Ep 1, Self-tape. Improv. 

I hope u enjoy.

Daniel Stisen.



Hollywood Blockbusters King Arthur, Justice League & Jurassic World and many more

Picture backstage Daniel Stisen  as Ancient Warrior from DC's Justice League.
I've worked on many big films over the last years, check out my IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4571421/
The biggest ones I've worked on the last year/s must be Warner Brothers King Arthur, DC Comics Justice League and Universal Studio's Jurassic World.
Plus I've worked on many more film the last two years. 

It' given me a wide experience and I'm getting ready to take on bigger roles. 

Articles in Media in 2017 Norwegian and English

Here is some links to Articles and reportages I've done in media in Norway and UK in 2017.

Click into them if you want to read:













Sports Relief 2016 BBC

I did a comedy scatch with comedian Jack Whitehall and some fitness models for Sports Relief and was shown Friday evening 18.March on BBC. Sports Relief got 10-15 mill viewers trough the evening. 

Norwegian muscle-man raises in the film industry

This is the link to the repotage at Norwegian BroadCasting Corperation webpage (NRK) February 2016. (Norwegian Language) 



Some Screen Warrior Training in Ealing

Sometimes we gather a gang and do some screen combat training in on of our friends studios, here I perform greek hoplite Soldier routine.

Teaser we made for the British Indy-film Sarclege fall 2015

My British bro from another motha, Phil Tommy is Directing and Producing the independent film, its about the watchers coming from the hevans to intervene with the humans in a martial arts kick ass Indy film with mainly stunt and special action actors in the different roles.
it's produced and filmed in Birmingham, UK.I'm playing a supporting role as the Angel Lucien.

My highest IMDB StarMeter rating ever

A few months ago I had my highest IMDB StarMeter rating ever, I broke almost into top 1000 in the world including all filmmakers, directors, actors/ess, and TV faces.It made me the highest rated Norwegian on IMDB StarMeter, 4, highest rated muscle man, after Schwarzenegger, Dave Bautista, Dwayne Johnson. Ahead of some of my heros, like Dolph Lundgren, 30 ahead of him, for a week ;) , and only 20-40 spots behind Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal.

This is was unusual high, but for a week, a dream come true, to be rated on the same level as some of my teenage idols. Small things like this gives me motivation to keep walk trough the storm and continue my journey to achieve one of my life challenge goals.

Behind the scene from The Box our new British short

We are producing a new short this winter called the Box, starring Daniel Stisen and former British MMA fighter Mark Epstein.

Here is some pictures from the takes and behind the scene.

Stisen and Epstein.

Mark Epstein, Nick Wall and Daniel Stisen behind the scene.

Stisen and Union Jack.

Wall and Varaprasad behind the camera.

Picture from the tapes.

Behind the scene, Edit.

Mark Epstein, Paul Ivan, Daniel Stisen

Picture taken on London Shoot-fighters East.

Casting profiles pictures 2016

Casting profile pictures from my January 2016, shoot with JC Hermier.

London Warrior Photo shoot by JC Hermier

I did a Mad Max inspired warrior shoot in London in July with the French Photographer JC Hermier. MakeUp Elizabeth Hedley, Costume by, Amy Watts.

We called it "London Warrior" and was not any commercial just an artistic warrior theme shoot we did to play with our artistic sides.

the shoot took place at the sandbanks of The Themes River by Sunset, with St. Paul's and London Bridge in the background.

JC Hermier, Elizabeth and Amy is already involved in a future commercial film project with us.

Daniel Stisen as London Warrior.

St.Pauls and London Bridge in the background.

Behind the Scene.

Still one of Norway and Scandinavia's highest ranked actors on IMDB official Star-meter ranking

My IMDB ranking's has gone mad the last 6 months, I have always the last two years had good rating, but the last 6months and the last month my ratings has gone trough the roof.

I've been one of Norway's highest ranked names on IMDB official star meter ranking and one of Scandinavia's top 10-12 and Top 10

This is just fun and motivation for me, I know the names ahead and most names behind me on the rankings has done much more then I have, and deserve higher ranking then I do, but still, what I do everyday, poor and unstable income, in one of the world's hardest business is very hard, so some motivations sometimes is important to continue to work hard and harder. As a former sportsman I always use rankings and records as motivation to continue work hard, so I'm maybe a little obsessed in rankings, records and goals, but thats how I'm :)

I' m one of the few in TOP 5000 at IMDB-Starmeter who only have done small roles and stunt/Special Action and have not done any lead or big roles in my home country, so I will say it's pretty impressive, to stay in top 5000, People I got samerankingwith the lastweeks are names like Michael Persbrandt and Randy Couture. That's some of my idols. :)

Top 5 Norwegian Rank this week:

1. Kristofer Hivju

2. Ingrid Bolstol Bergdal

3. Aksel Hennie

4.Morten Tyldum

5.Daniel Stisen

Top 10 International Bodybuilding/Muscle/Strongman/Wrestling/MMA on IMDB STARMETER this week:

1. Dwayne Johnson

2. Schwarzenegger

3. Dave Bautista

4. John Cena

5. Hafthor Bjornsson "The Mountain" (Game of Thrones)

6. Daniel Stisen

7. Randy Couture

Cannes Film Festival 2015 -behind the scene

I had a great week at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

I flew from London to Nice with EasyJet, I stayed at my friend William's villa in Cannes.

What I did't know was he had invited 15 female models to work with him on a new project in Cannes/Monaco this year, so i stayed 1 week in the same villa as 15 beautiful girls, thats not a bad :)

I got three invitation from the Official Cannes Festival Program to attend three feature films on the main program at the Grand Theatre Lumiere, first one was Mad Max: Fury Road, that was not something I expended, so when I got the invitation in my email, I was very happy, one the films I really wanted to see this year, and now I got the chance to go to the premiere with the cast and celebrities on the red carpet in Cannes.



The day after I went to "VIP club Cannes" with William, some americans and the girls. It was a nice club and we had fun. William fixed VIP for us, he can fix anything.

Saturday eve, the americans asked me if I want to meet Paris Hilton, of cause I wanted that, so I went with them. Paris was going to promote some of her new brands and be the JD for the night afterwards at the VIP club.

video:trim video:trim

The next days I went to Woody Allen's new film and the Norwegian film Louder then bombs at the Lumiere.

I did several meetings with industries attenders, producers and distributors and media contacts from the US, UK, and Germany. I did also go the Scandinavian pavilion a few times for happy hours.



I also got invitation to Calvin Klein's cocktail party at the Cannes Festival this year, i attended last year to.

Last year Julian Moore, Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong and some others where the hosts of the party. This year it was some other A-list female celebrities.

The cocktail party is one of the most celebratein Cannes, and only famous models, actors, artists and producers and exeutives are normally invited, butthey do one exemption, they invite a muscle guy who tries to break into the international film industry from Norway each year too.... :)

I invited Per and Ari with to the party, they where doing some photos and reportage from Cannes for VG. We had a great time, I meet several people from last year party.





I and Natalia Vodianova I, Ari and Per.

I'm looking forward to next year, it will be even more awesome and cool. ;)

Acting/Special-Action and Stunt spring 2015

I've been involved in several feature films, blockbusters, Tv-series and short films in the UK the last 6-7months, it has been a good experience.

The second part of the year is getting closer and I will focus on getting bigger roles, get more established in the international film industry, specialsing in action and epics films.

My contribution to Bad Education -The Movie

I did special action on the new movie based on the BBC3 Tv-series "Bad Education", with Jack Whitehall as the lead actor.

We went to Wales to shoot in a castle for one week. I worked with actors like Ian Glen (Game of Thrones) and Jack Whitehall, David Gant and the youngsters from Bad Education Tv-series and lots of great people.

The film will be cinema realised in the UK in Sept 2015.

Here is a clip from BBC3 the Tv-series Bad Education, who the movie is based on.

"Hovdinger" premiere at cinema in Oslo, Norway, 17th July 2015.


I play MMA-fighter in the movie, it's not a big role, but some nice scenes, the film was filmed in Oslo in 2013.

Norges 12. hoyeste rating pa IMDBstarmeter

Jeg har fatt en hoy rating paa IMDB Starmeter, IMDB official internasjonale rangering av skuespillere, regissorer og filmfolk.

Jeg er naa rated som Norges 12-15. hoyeste skuespiller/filmskaper/filmcrew. Dette har nok med at jeg har jobbet ute i verden og ikke bare jobbet i Norge som mange andre har, dette er ganske kult og motiverende for meg selv, og gir meg ennaa mer drive til aa jobbe meg videre opp i systemet.

Topp 7 er:

Ingrid Bolso Bergdal

Morten Tyldum

Axel Hennie


Kristopher Hivju

Tommy Wirkola

Harald Zwarts

Deretter kommer en gjeng med norske lead skuepillere i Norge, i de neste 5-7 plassene.

Muskel Skuepillere:

Jeg er ogsaa meget hoyt ratet av muskel-actors paa IMDB Starmeter. jeg er ca topp 15-20 hvis du inkluderer alle med store muskler, om de kommer fra Bodybuilding, Wrestling, MMA eller liknede.

Jeg er topp 6 hvis du kunn regner fra Bodybuilding og Fitness:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Lou Ferrigno

3.Ralph Mouller

4.Kim Kold

5.Kali Muscle

6.Daniel Stisen

7.Barbarians Brothers

8.Steve Reevs

9,Phil Heath

10.Kai Greene.

Moving to London, to work in the film industry

After 2 weeks of working on the Hollow Crown: Season 2, and a few callback from casting directors in the industry, I decided to movie back to London again.

London and the UK is one of the biggest producers of movies and TV-series the last years, mostly because of the good Tax incentives the government gives the industry, and the UK has became the major producers of American blockbusters.

I'm already signed in, on different major film projects until June 2014, as an actor, Screen-Combat/SPAC and Stuntman and i will work in some of the major studios in the UK.

I'm looking forward to this, this is what I want to do, make epic action and modern action on the screen, and now i can do this full-time.

You don't get bored in London because:


Metro-Area population 12-14mill and most multi culture city on the earth and Europe's greatest metro.

Never Too Big August 2014

Prosjektet er fra August 2014.

Jeg skal sette igang en kampanje paa Kickstarter.com for et lite pilot/kortfilm prosjekt for en spillefilm jeg og et par kompiser onsker aa lage i USA.

Jeg er usikker paa hvordan det vil gaa med en kickstater kampanje, men jeg ser det slik, at det er veardt et forsok, og unsett saa learer vi masse om crowdfunding via kampanjen.

Never Too Big short er en kortfilm fiksjon/reality/dramady om bodybuilding industries paa ca 10min.

I kortfilmen/prequelen/piloten er det jeg, Kim Kold og Daniel Nehme som skal spille rollene.

Kortfilmen planlegges aa vises paa Bodybuilding.com som er verdens storste bodybuilding/fitness/kosttillskudd-shop nettsiden.

Her er linken til kampanjen paa kickstarter:



10-min short film prequel to the international blockbuster Never Too Big. Help us make the most awesome Muscle Sport movie ever made!

The Ultimate Bodybuilder Movie

  • Budget Goals:
  • Minimum: 5500USD - (Includes Kickstarter fees, 10%)goal, basic production.
  • Good: 8250USD -(Includes Kickstarter fees, 10%)More music - ekstra scenes.
  • Great: 11000USD -(Includes Kickstarter fees, 10%)Gold editing, Gold sound, top photo, including better graphical presentation.
Never Too Big short pre-sequel Poster by Jon KlasbuNever Too Big short pre-sequel Poster by Jon Klasbu

By Daniel Stisen

Did you grow up with muscle action heroes like Stallone and Schwarzenegger? Did you love Pumping Iron, and have you always wished there was more great movies with bodybuilders?

Never Too Big is a story about second chances and about never giving up on your dream. For over a decade, pharmaceutical companies have been competing to be the first to develop Myostatin Inhibitors. What it is? Unlimited growth through cheating with drugs. Dangerous? We do not know yet. They are still researching it, but we assume that putting on 100 pounds without working out has some serious side effects.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding legendArnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding legend

Never Too Big is a story about the former Mr. Olympia contender who gets his hands on this new wonder drug. Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to revolutionize bodybuilding with a huge new global contest, Never Too Big. His ambition is to finally make bodybuilding mainstream, and the winner will be crowned in front of an audience of tens of millions.

The protagonist Daniel lost his shot at the title years ago when he was too cocky during a photo shoot and squatted over 300 kilos without warming up. That is exactly what happened to me, and I use my personal story to fuel what will become a cinematic adventure of epic proportions.

actor: Daniel Stisen Photo: Jon Klasbuactor: Daniel Stisen Photo: Jon Klasbu

$1 million cash prize

If you could grow to exactly the size you wanted, just by shooting Myo Blockers, would you do it? Without knowing the risks? That is the dilemma Daniel faces as he travels to New Orleans to train with his junior-years nemesis, the current Mr. Olympia who everyone expects to win the Never Too Big challenge with its $1 million cash prize.

MYOSTATIN BLOCKERS (picture from web)MYOSTATIN BLOCKERS (picture from web)

I have spent the last three years studying acting at the legendary Chubbuck Studio in Hollywood and The British Action Academy in London. We have international brand partners from bodybuilding, and we are cooperating with several of the sports? top athletes.

Need money to make it look great

Our first step is to create a 10-minute short film to excite the world?s bodybuilding fans and to use in our process of securing financial backing for the feature film. All actors and crew are passionate about this project and are working for free. Our crew members are among Norway's premiere professionals on Sound, Camera, Lights, Editing, and Directing, but we need up to $10,000 for equipment to make the short film look, sound, and feel as a top-level Hollywood production.

If you trust me with your hard-earned money, I promise you that I will take care of you too. You will be a part of my team as we push to make this dream come true.

Kim Kold picture from "Teddy Bear"Kim Kold picture from "Teddy Bear"

Be an extra in the film

We will give donors signed copies of the short film with personal greetings. You can get free tickets to the feature film?s national premiere in your country. You can be my personal guest at the world premiere. See your name in the credits, or if you really want, we can even put you in the film.

I have a strong network of professionals from international bodybuilding. Arnold?s business partners are eagerly waiting to see what level of awesomeness we can achieve with our short film. We hope to have Arnold play himself in the movie, and we have already made deals with several of the sports? most legendary champions to play themselves.

But first we need the help of fitness and bodybuilder fans and athletes from all over the world to help us bring the sport we love to an audience of millions. We thank you for any donation you can make. We also hope you will follow our adventure from now until we have conquered movie audiences everywhere. Let us show the world how strong is the new skinny!

Film: Redirection Vinnie Jones, Daniel Nehme.Film: Redirection Vinnie Jones, Daniel Nehme.



NTB pre-sequel will be made of a mix of top professional A-team, crew from the norwegian film industry, with students from norwegian film schools as production assistants.

Film Equipment:

We will use top film production equipment to make the NTB short pre-sequel.



Daniel StisenDaniel Stisen

Producer/Story/Acting.Norwegian bodybuilder and actor/filmmaker, plays the Norwegian bodybuilder "Daniel" in Never Too Big.

Kim KoldKim Kold

The Danish actor and bodybuilder giant plays Daniel's father "Roald" in the short/prequel for Never Too Big. Kim is famous for his roles in "Dennis", "Teddy Bear" and "Fast & Furious 6".

Daniel NehmeDaniel Nehme

The Swedish/Lebanese bodybuilder and actor from London famous for Vinnie Jones' last British film "Redirected", will playDaniel's bodybuilding buddy from the UK, in the short prequel of Never Too Big.

Check out: Film clips of Kim Kold and Daniel Nehme from action movies.

's video poster



IFBB-Pro Tommi ThorvildsenIFBB-Pro Tommi Thorvildsen

Former Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic contender, Norwegian IFBB-Pro Tommi Thorvildsen, will play Daniel'straining partner Tommi in the Never Too Big's prequel.

Secret guest star: Famous Mr. Olympia/Arnold Classic contender and IFBB-Pro, will guest appear in the prequel.

There will be guest appearance of great Scandinavian bodybuilders and Fitness/Bikini athletes in the gym scenes in Never Too Big Short.

Marius GraatrudMarius Graatrud
Samir TroudiSamir Troudi

Video from NTB short guest-star, bodybuilder IFBB-Pro Tommi Thorvildsen's Arnold Classic performance at Arnold Classic Pro 2002.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Creating an international blockbuster feature film is extremely challenging. Even more so when it's about bringing bodybuilders and muscle athletes to mainstream audiences.

We face this challenge with great respect, and we intend to build rock upon rock, from today until we stand with our supporters on the red carpet in 2015. This short film is our first major step toward this larger goal.

We have an experienced team of passionate filmmakers behind us, and we will succeed in creating a great short film. The question is how great. The funds we ask for will be put directly to use on amazing picture and terrific sound. Everyone is working for free, but top-quality equipment must be rented.

We already have tentative agreements with top international fitness media to distribute the short film to muscle fans around the world. We also have national media partners in Norway, as well as brand partners wanting to be a part of the Never Too Big universe.

Using Kickstarter is also a way for us to connect with muscle enthusiasts globally. We want to know what you like, how much you believe in our project, and how we can make a better short film and a greater feature film using your inputs.

We have a vision. You let us know if you want to be a part of it. Regardless of your conclusion, we greatly thank you for your time and interest. May the strength be with you, and if you even consider outshining us on the red carpet premiere, we accept your challenge!

Never Too Big is copyrighted by Daniel Stisen/Nordic Entertainment Studio at Screen Writers Guild of America West.

Daniel Stisen i The Hollow Crown Season 2

Benedict Chumberbatch

Jeg var aa spilte inn episk Tv Serie i oktober i London, jeg skal tilbake paa sett i januar igjenn.

Jeg har sloss paa slagmarket side ved side med Benedict Chumberbatch i flere uker, jeg satt sammen med Benedict og drakk kaffe og fros inne i varmeteltet etter en lang dag paa slagmarken, det var 24timer for Chumberbatch og Tyldum hadde premiere i London paa Imitation Game, husker vi pratet baade om Aksel Hennie, og Morten Tyldum, som han var kjempe imponert over, etter aa ha jobbet med Tyldum paa Imitation Game og sett Aksel i Hodejegerne paa DVD.

Siden jeg oppdatere min blogg litt sent, saa legger jeg ved dette:

Dette var utdrag fra hva jeg skrev til et magasin paa email etter et par dager paa innspilling:

Jeg er warrior for Lancaster i season 2 for "The Hollow Crown", det er lange harde dager, vi har oppmtekl 06:30ca 1 1/2 time utenfor London i et mobilt filmstudio, ca 20-25 trailere, dvs opp cakl 04:00. Vi er ferdige for dagen mellom 17-18, da er man utmattet, etter lange dager med slag scener, venting, kjres til nye locations, men igjenn, slitsomt og gy samtidig.

Imorgen skal vi ut sloss i en elv, s vi kommer til vre vte, slitne og skittne i ca 8-10 timer.

Det er hardt, men gy samtidig, alle er slitne, men de fleste er vant med at film produksjon er langtrekkende og hardt, s vi er flinke med holde humret oppe.

Ftt pratet litt med Judi Dench og Benedict Chumberbatch og andre kjente britiske skuespillere under innspilling i pausene og morgenene, dem har vrt kjempehyggelige, og vi har pratet mest om skuespiller teknikker, Norge, LA og dagene p sett.

Regissr Domonic Cooke er kjempeflink, og ikke minst hans 1.AD Marie.

Jeg deler ut mine visit kort i alle retninger nr jeg har anledning, alltid vre "p jobb", selge deg selv.

Dette er lrerikt og inspirerende, det jeg liker best er den erfaringen man fr med seg fra et slik filmsett, som jeg kan ta med meg videre i karrieren min, mitt ml fremover er vre med produsere og spille i store internasjonale action/episke krigsfilmer.

Daniel Stisen selfie, utenfor det mobile filmstudioet ute i skogen nord for London.

Link til filmnettstedet Filter Magasinet:


the Guardian UK


Link IMDB:


Norway Open & Arnold Classic Europe 2014, backstage Coaching.

Det bl masse aa gjore forann sesongens konkurranser, jeg var med som delegat/coach for Team 24 Fitness paa Norway Open, hvor vi hadde ca 35 uttovere som konkurrerte. uken etter dro vi til Arnold Classic i Madrid, hvor vi coachet utoverene for 24Fitness og endte opp med aa ha ansvar for alle de norske utoverne. Dette var meget utfordrende, pga det var 2 scener og jeg og Tommi Thorvildsen maatte ta ansvar for hver vaar scene hvor de norske utoverne konkurrerte.

24 Fitness ble beste nroske klubb paa Norway Open og NM.

Norge gjorde tidenes gullhost under Arnold Classic i aar, 4 gull og 8 medaljer totalt, det er helt sykt!

Dere kan se bilder og videoer og artikkler under:


Hollywood treneren Cornelis Tlf interju med meg i Madrid:


Mitt "reisebrev" til Treningsforum fra Madrid:


Bilder fra backstage Norway Open:

Josten Odegaaden, Tommi Thorvildsen og Geir Borgan Paulsen.

Samir Troudi, backstage

Jostein Odegaarden.

Bilder fra Arnold Classic Europe i Madrid:

Videoer fra Madrid:

Presentasjon av dag1:


Innveiing Daniel, Tommi og Lone. Daniel og Tommi med litt Arnold humor.

video:trim video:trim

Presentasjon av dag 3:

Govenator paa scenen:
Arnold classic Pro show winner: Dennis Wolf
backstage video som jeg filmet for treningsforum:

Amateur Olympia in Prague.

I and Tommi Thorvildsen went to Prague, to help Norwegian contenders at the competition, the Norwegians competing where Charlie Aboh and Samir Troudi.

It was a great time, and we got time to watch many great athletes on stage.

Private pictures:

Nordic Entertainment Studio

Me and a few partners are working on establish a new film production company in Oslo now, we got a few filmprosjekt in development, and looking forward to tell you more about it later.

My longterm goal is to do action and acting in internationals films, but at the same time, develop projects where i do production, and will be one of the lead characters in the films, developed by our company. It's smart to go into battle with your own army.

We want to develop a few norwegian/scandinavian film projects and later do international productions.

Wish me luck :)

Jeg dro paa Cannes Festivalen 2014

Jeg dro paa Cannes Festivalen i aar, jeg var der for aa treffe flere filmskaperer jeg har pratet med paa forhaand. Jeg hadde ogsaa fikset meg full access til alt paa film festivalen. Jeg hadde mote med 15 Filmkommisjoner, X-antall produsenter og regissorer og Hollyewood Repoter mm, kjempebra moter og kontakter for fremtiden.

Jeg hilste og pratet med en haug av britiske og amerikanske filmstjerner paa fester, eventer og inne paa Magestic og Charlton Hotel som var de offesielle hotellene for filmstjernene. Sitter og tar en et glass vin med en bekjent som bor paa hotellet fra Los Angles, ser til hoyre, saa sitter Harvey Wainstein, til venstre sitter Micheal Moore, reff forann meg sitter en gjeng rundt bordet, jeg gjennkjenner en av dem, det var Billy Bob Thorton, 50 meter nede i lobbien gjor en Tv-kanal interjue med stjernene som kommer fra den rode loperen, skjonner at jeg er paa riktig sted..... :D

De kuleste festene jeg var paa var Expendebles 3 festen og en lukket fest og visning av Kalvin Klein's nye kolleksjon i Cannes storste Mansion som jeg hadde faatt en VIP invitasjon via en god kompis som betalte for hele festen, festen hadde ca 200 gjester, det var ca 50 sikkerhetsvakter som voktet eiendommen og festen.

Jeg ble hentet i egen svart VIP-Official Svart bil m sjofor som kjorte meg til og fra festen, ganske kult aa fole seg litt important av og til :)

Paa festen ble jeg sittende paa bord sammen med Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong, Julianne More og Luise Roe, og en av produsentene av Expendebles filmene, de var alle kjempehyggelige mennesker, og da pressen hadde dratt fra festen saa ble dem "human-beeings" og ikke bare "Super-Stars" og var kjempehyggelige mennesker.

Expendebles festen var ogsaa morsom, det var totalt 2500 filmskapere paa festen, jeg motte igjenn paa Dolph Lungren, hilste paa Scott Atkins, og ble sittende sammen med en av skuepillerene fra "Skyfall" mesteparten av kvelden og produsenten av Danny Trejo's siste film. Jeg hadde ogsa blitt invitert ut paa en yatch hvor Stallone og gutta skulle avslutte kvelden paa, men alle var saa slitne etter en lang dag med promotion, at det dem avlyste den biten.

Jeg trivdes kjempegodt i Cannes, de to ukene jeg var der, det var ganske dyrt under festivalen, de siste dagene, fikk jeg besok av min kompis Joar, som kom fra Oslo og vi dro paa Formel 1 Monacco Grand Prix.

TV-Reklame for Soft Flora

Jeg var med aa laget en reklamefilm for Soft Flora i host, det var Roar Uthaug som hadde regien, vi hadde 2 morsomme dager i filmparken paa Jar hvor vi gjore innspillingen, reklamen ble en enom suksess, og vises de 2 neste aarene, paa Kino, Tv og Internet, plus dem bruker Gladiator fjeset mitt paa Soft Flora smor pakkene.

Bilde fra reklamefilmen.

Behind the scene.

Reklame film paa Vimeo

Fight-Scene som MMA fighter i norsk film.

Jeg gjorde en liten rolle i filmen til min kompis nye spillefilm Hovdinger. Jeg spiller en MMA fighter og jeg gikk et par kamper i filmen, det ble hardt, siden vi ikke hadde tid til noe planlegging av korografien paa forhaand, saa ble jeg kastet inn i buret med et par proffe MMA fightere og vi fikk semi-kontakt slik at det ble seende ekte ut. fikk meg et par blaamerker og ble sparket saa hardt i hodet at jeg gikk i bakken en gang.. Vi hadde det kjempegoy, det ble skikkelig autentisk.

Filmen kommer paa kino i slutten av 2014.

Fotoshoot for fremtidlige film prosjekter

Jeg gjorde et par photo shooter sammen med Jon Klasbu i Studioet hans for et par film prosjekter jeg har jobbet med litt som egne fremtidlige filmprosjekter.

Vi hadde en kjempe goy dag i studio. Litt action og Rocky inspirert shoot.

PhotoShoot for TreningsForum

Etter mine konkurranser var det paa tide med en fotoshoot, jeg tok en shoot sammen med Jon Klasbu for Treningsforum Magasinet.

Vi tok bildene paa gymmet jeg trener paa i Oslo, 24Fitness paa Carl Johan.

Jeg ble veldig fornoyd med bildene, synes dem er kjempekule!

Comeback & Arnold Classic Europe 2013

Konkurransen paa Arnold Classic var meget hard, vi var ca 30-40 utovere i klassen fra hele Europa. Det var flere som hadde vunnet medalje i EM og VM i klassen min, mitt maal var aa komme i finalen, altsaa topp 6. Jeg klarte ikke det, jeg ble blandt de 10-12 beste i klassen.

Jeg var ikke helt fornoyd med det, jeg var i ennaa bedre form enn paa NM uken for, men samtidig skal jeg ikke klage over dette, jeg har brukt 4mnd forbedredelse paa dette, 4 aar, hvor jeg har trent, men ikke trent hardt og maalrettet, her motte jeg de beste, de som virklig har trent for dette i flere aar, saa ser man slik paa det saa skal jeg egentlig vare ganske fornoyd.

Turen og opplevelsen var meget bra, jeg larte ennaa noe nytt, utfordret meg selv igjenn, og vi hadde det kjempe goy i Madrid.

Jeg dro sammen med Tommi Thorvildsen, som hjalp meg backstage paa konkurransen, og sammen med Edmund Johansen og Lone Noraas som stilte i Bikini klassen.

Sorry for jeg ser sur ut paa bildene, men jeg er saa utmagret, i fjeset, saa kinnbeinene og oyene stikker ut som paa et avmagret lik, og leppene mine festet seg til tennene, pga jeg ikke hadde drukket vann paa 24 timer. ;) men men, elsker utfordringer og presse meg til det ekstreme.

Jeg og Tommi sitter paa Ipad i leiligheten. Mat etter konkurransen.

Hadde en liten prat med min venninne Larissa Reis som er et av USA's storste Fitness Ikon. Trening paa et gym i Madrid sammen med Tommi, vi motte noen tyske Bodybuilding fans.

Etter vi hadde spist masse mat etter konkurransen, fikk jeg sukker sjokk, det er litt morsomt, ihvertfall for Tommi og Marika naar jeg begynner med "Gay-Parodi" midt i Madrid Sentrum. Et par dager senere, tok vi en sightseeng tur i Madrid hele gjengen.

Daniel feminin gay-parodi i Madrid Sentrum. Daniel Stisen, Lone Noraas og Tommi Thorvildsen paa sightseeing bussen.

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Daniel Stisen

Daniel Stisen

1, Oslo

Several Times Bodybuilding champion & Runner up. Actor/Film-maker. The Fitness industry 3.higest ranked actor at IMDB Official Starmeter. Fitness Coach/24Fitness + Arnold Classic Weekend EU & Olympia Weekend EU, Team Coach.

Daniel Stisen

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